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Financing of small and micro enterprises can use credit cards meet the needs of small

  An important part of China's economy, small and micro enterprises in areas such as jobs, economic growth is very important. Remittance world combined Southwestern University released the report on China's small and micro enterprise development 2014 (hereinafter referred to as the report) indicated that small and micro enterprises to create the final product and 24.3% contribution of services to GDP and employment a total of 211 million people become backbone to attract college graduates, rural migrant workers employment.
financing remains a top priority for small business problems, 31.9% of the country's small and micro enterprises in debt. The report points out that increasing marketization degree of credit distribution, credit cards should be to meet the needs of small and micro enterprises microfinance tools, with no mortgage, short process advantages, credit card debt can satisfy small and micro businesses "small, frequent, fast," demand for credit.
, the report pointed out that demand for microfinance, small and micro businesses, primarily through civil channels; with the expansion of debt, a growing number of small and micro businesses received loans from the Bank. 2013 Chinese family finance survey data shows that debt amounting to more than 1 million Yuan for small and micro businesses, 63.6% of its total debt from banks, 36.4% folk. The civil 93.5% of the loan is interest-bearing, the average interest rate of up to 22.6%, well above the bank rate.
, however, credit cards in China have failed to fully address the needs of small and micro enterprise credit role. On the current situation, family credit needs of small and micro enterprise credit card rates far higher than other domestic, but less than 14% of the family holdings, while debt below 100,000 small business family, its credit card only has around 6%.