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Did the company can take out a loan to buy a car?

Did the company can apply for a loan to buy a car? Loans to buy a car is actually the financial institutions borrow money to buy a car, but required by financial institutions must pay a percentage of the down payment to buy a car and provide proof of ability to repay, without bad credit records, the need to meet the requirements of financial institutions to apply for a loan to buy a car can be. Your customers buy a car what conditions you need to meet? What procedures to provide information?
a, and company loan buy car needed meet of conditions
(1), and has reimbursement Bank loan of capacity;
(2), and in application loan during has not below Bank provides of car first paragraph deposit Bank of accounting sector;
(3), and to Bank provides was recognized of guarantees;
(4), and willing to accept bank proposed of other necessary. Loans referred to in the dealer is recommended by car manufacturers on the basis of bank branches at all levels to dealers based on their financial strength, market share and reputation of the primaries, and then report back the head office, Head Office confirmed, signed with the branches of the auto loans car dealers of the cooperation agreement.
II, the company's applications for loans to buy a car
1, customer application. Customers to the Bank to apply, fill in an application form in writing, along with related information;
2, signed the contract. Submitted by the Bank to the borrower after the application is approved by both sides sign a loan contract, contract of guarantee, as appropriate, relevant notary, mortgage registration formalities;
3, the granting of loans. Approval of loans by banks, complied with all procedures, the Bank according to the contract in order to transfer directly into the car dealer's account;
4, on time payments. Borrower by contract for loan repayment plan, and pay back the loan to repay the principal and interest;
5, loan closing. Loan closing include normal settlement and early settlement in two ways.
① normal settlement: the loan's due date (one-time debt classes) or the last life (amortization class) settlement loan
II early settlement: due date of the loan, borrowers such as part or all of the outstanding loans in advance shall be as agreed in the loan contract, to apply to the Bank in advance, after approval by the Bank to the specified accounting counters for repayment.
after the loan closing, the borrower shall hold valid identity documents and bank loans picked up her legal custody by a bank settlement voucher vouchers and supporting documents, and loan closing documents to the original mortgage mortgage registration formalities sector.