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Need to apply large amounts of money for both loans is appropriate!

Life, each of us will inevitably require large capital flow problems. So, if experiencing large capital requirements should apply for those loans? small series to introduce today.
1, ABC: against
ABC "against loan" borrower to name of the natural person's housing or commercial and residential mortgages to the Bank for a one-time or recycling of consumer or business loans. As long as the personal name either himself or a third person name in real estate as collateral, are based on the percentage value of the mortgage up to 70% to apply for a loan. Loan amount can be as high as 10 million Yuan, loan term of up to 10, can also be recycled, convenient and flexible.
2, industrial and commercial bank: personal loan
personal loans, a bank to the borrower in a valid and effective collateral to guarantee loans. Borrower's bank deposits, Treasury bonds, financial products, gold, life insurance policies, account of precious metals can be used as collateral, and part of the pledge through online banking for the loans. Loan amount up to 25 million Yuan. Among them, the online bank personal mortgage loans of up to 1 million Yuan. The longest loan term of up to 3 years and with revolving loans in the period features.