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Particle credit: just 15 minutes you can easily get credit!

"Particle loan" is Tencent tenpay together with the micro-banks launched a mobile QQ-settled in credit products, is currently in the open experience stage. Recently you can see many screenshots of Tencent employees Tan easy loan, the fastest processing speed is not more than 15 minutes. So, how do they do it? small series to introduce today.
"particles loan" is micro-all Bank and tenpay team cooperation, lasted half efforts build of Internet small credit products, settled in phone QQ platform for meet Dang period pre award letter conditions of user provides award letter loan, according to user of credit level can provides highest 200,000 yuan of loan lines; has "easily application, fast to account, with take with also, by day meter card" of features.
relying on Tencent's platform for social data and resources, particles of loan application and use of the process is very convenient. Invited users to simply sign a mobile QQ, into the QQ wallet, in the "financial" find "particle credits take 15 minutes to" enter payment password to view individual can borrow lines. "Particle loan" not only easy, account is also very fast. According to Tencent employees experienced loan process reaction, according to QQ wallet "particle loan" Guide, select the loan amount, enter the ID card, to verify personal information such as bank card, soon after submitting the accounts, borrowing from the start to arrive more than 15 minutes at a time.