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Did you grasp the advantages and disadvantages of a microfinance company?

At the time of applying for loans, a lot of personal qualities are not very good borrowers will choose to handle through a microfinance company. However, microfinance companies in fact, or there is a risk, a lot of people have been hit by loan scam. Today small series to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of a microfinance company.
, the advantages of a microfinance company
I believe we all know that when banks loan loan threshold is very high, so many borrowers are encountering a loan rejection situation. In this context, micro-credit has a big advantage. Only requires the borrower to provide materials of certain loans, you do not need to wait for a long time, and do not need to go through the complicated procedures of the borrower, the fastest available on loan.
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advantages of microfinance companies have loans low threshold, but there are some shortcomings. The most obvious point is of higher lending rates. Of course, this is a microfinance company method of controlling credit risk, we still need to do more, choosing the right small loan companies handle.