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Credit what are the advantages of P2P network? lead credits the rise of P2P network have?

In recent years, the P2P network loans begin to slowly come into our line of sight, was welcomed by a growing number of investors and borrowers. So, what advantages a P2P net credit? leads to credit what are the reasons for the rise of P2P network? small series to introduce today.
, the advantages of P2P network credit
1, compound annual earnings are high
3% ordinary bank deposits interest rate only, financial products, trust investment and so on, are generally below 10% company, with annual interest rates of credit products at more than 20% is no way to compare.
2, operation is simple and everything
net credit certification, billing, settlement and delivery processes through the network, borrowers never leave home lending purposes can be realized and, in General, lines are not high, mortgage-free. For both lenders and borrowers are very convenient.
3, open up thinking
net credit to promote the interaction between industrial and financial, has also changed the loan company's view, context, credit culture and development strategies of thinking, breaking the original borrowing.
II, resulting in credits the rise of P2P network
1, suitable for domestic large small loan demand;
2, effectively make up for the lack of banking in investment banking services;
3, the Government intends to strongly promote the development;
4, meet the era of entrepreneurial ideas.