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Decorate with funding problems which can make loans?

For many buyers, buying a House can be spent all their savings, and thus wants to come up with more funds for renovation will become very difficult. So, if funding was encountered in the decoration problems what are ways that you can apply for loans? small series to introduce today.
first, mortgage and loan
, with mortgage and loan records, can a new application to a line not low loan used for decoration. For example, Bank consumer financial has a loan product, which are the main requirements of the lender: mortgage, and the normal repayment of housing loans have turned 6 months. If there are no overdue, bad credit records, and so on, you can apply for an amount equivalent to the monthly repayment amount is 45 times with consumer loans, up to 200,000 yuan.
II, to fund loans or additional loans from Provident Fund
If the Provident Fund loans, may also apply to the Bank by virtue of this a renovation loan. In Wenzhou City rural commercial bank has the loan, the lender is agricultural firm pure accumulation Fund loan customers, can apply for loans for less than a year after a renovation loan; if you do not have Provident Fund loan, but has to pay the supplementary Provident Fund (more than half) can also apply for the loan.