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Which is hard to loan approvals

With prevailing loans, consumer loans, with its wide range of uses, and do not require collateral can apply, got a lot of friends of all ages.
apply for consumer loan is not difficult, but the following categories are difficult to pass consumer loan approval: the
1, application materials are incomplete for the borrower. Application materials include personal identity, work certificates, Bank water, proof of residence, each institution requirements are not the same.
2, the applicant has a higher liability. Debt includes credit card debt, credit debt, and, if the debt is high, and equally difficult to approve one.
3, the applicant credit history is poor. Standard is one times continuously for more than three months overdue or over six times in a row, exceeded this standard will be considered to have a serious and adverse credit history.
4, the non-working poor, low income and repayment ability. Since loans do not require collateral can apply for monthly income and stable job so important, if not standard, of course cannot be approved.
5, did not meet the criteria for collateral. Not saying don't collateral can apply for consumer loan? Yes, just some demanding Bank must have collateral to successful applicants, so when there is no mortgage approval may not be over that hurdle. The key is choosing the right lender.
in addition, the lenders may have their individual eligibility criteria, if you cannot meet these requirements, the same may be rejected.
before you apply for consumer loan, it is best to consult a lending institution, and see if their compliance to avoid futile.