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Student loan if there is a serious breach to bear the consequences?

Watching the graduation season is coming, and will say goodbye to a group of college students on campus to the community, for the students who apply for student loans repayment obligations need to start. However, many matters relating to student borrowers for repayment of student loans is not a concern. Today small series to introduce student loans if serious breach need to bear the consequences which occur.
1, national student loan borrowing if not in accordance with the repayment agreement with the managing banks agreed period, amount to repay the loan, banks against default of repayment of an amount received in charge penalty interest.
2, the Bank will have graduated students in charge of basic personal information and payments personal credit information database entry of the people's Bank of China, with financial institutions across the country for checking. Graduate student violations serious national student loans, will affect its financial institutions to apply for other consumer credit.
3, after entering repayment period under the repayment agreement for continuous default behavior of borrowers, administrative departments and banks through the news media and networks, and other information channels to disclose his name, citizenship, graduate schools, and the number of specific information such as the default behavior.
4, the Bank in charge of both the legitimate rights and interests protected by the national law, related to serious default by the borrowers will also assume legal responsibility.


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